Plumbing Tips in Clarksville, MD


Gas appliances and plumbing can be dangerous if not installed properly. Here is some free advice:


First rule -

Work only with a licensed Plumber / Gas Fitter for all plumbing / gas projects in your home.

Second rule -

Buy only gas appliances that include approval by the American Gas Association and meets the National Fuel Gas Code requirements.

Third rule -

Research your appliance and know that repair parts are easily available (This advice also applies to faucets and toilets as well!)
Remember if you buy a gas appliance over the internet, you may not be able to return it and you may not have any warranty either. When you visit a local vender you can see the unit itself and you will be able to return it for a refund if there is a problem. Buyer beware! We can work with your local appliance dealer to assure satisfaction.

Fourth Rule -

Know that appliances have a life expectancy and do not last forever. In the bigger picture replacement with an improved-efficiency appliance is often a better alternative to repair.

Our rule – We only install gas appliances with County permits as required. This is for your protection as the consumer!

We use only black steel gas pipe to install your gas appliance because these pipes cannot be damaged, thus preventing gas leaks in your home. Other types of gas piping run through your walls or ceilings are not as secure as black steel. We soap-test all joints and air-test as required by the County Inspection process to assure there are no leaks. Your satisfaction is our best advertising!